591px-04913_Digitalis_purpurea_nevitHerbs to Health

….provides complementary and alternative health care in the form of Herbal Medicine. It is run by professional Medical Herbalist – Natalie Morris.

Herbs to Health runs clinics at Health Alternatives in Oswestry, Salop, The Natural Health Centre, Radbrook Green, Shrewsbury and at the Natural Harmony Centre, Llanerfyl, Powys.

The Special Role of Herbal Medicine in Health and Wellbeing

Whilst orthodox medicine has it’s place in healthcare, herbal medicine provides another treatment option for less serious conditions. It is also an alternative where conventional medicine has been ineffective or indeed has limited treatment options to offer.

Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years as an effective from of healthcare. It offers gentle, personal healthcare and is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. That is; a good diet, exercise, a positive mental attitude, harmonious relationships and a connection to the natural world.

From my  extensive studies and training, I wish to share my passion and knowledge of this impressive art and science with as many people as possible and introduce them to the benefits that this time-tested form of medicine has to offer.

The quest for personal happiness and natural harmony in all areas of our lives  is my ultimate wish for people. I aim to help people to re-connect to their authentic selves and feel a sense of personal power.