20161121_10404320161121_10510820161121_10520120161121_104117TURMERIC  (Curcuma longa)

Turmeric or ‘the Golden Spice’ has received a lot of media attention recently and quite rightly so! It’s been used as a medicine for thousands of years.

In Western herbal medicine it’s used for it’s anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet (stops the blood getting too thick or clots forming), antioxidant, hypolipidaemic (lowers cholesterol), choleretic (increases bile flow from the gallbladder) , antimicrobial, carminitive (calms & soothes digestion) and depurative (cleansing) actions. A whole barrage of therapeutic armory!

It’s anti-inflammatory action is particularly interesting since inflammation contributes to not only conditions such as asthma, infections, eczema & psoriasis but many chronic illnesses i.e autoimmune disease, arthritis, alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and so on.

The modern western diet (processed food, lack of vitamins/minerals, trans fats, high sugar/carbohydrate etc), lifestyle and a lot of stress all have there part to play in this disease process.

It’s here that SUPER HERBS such as Turmeric step in to counteract these tendencies, along with good dietary/ lifestyle changes.


(To help your body fight any infection)

Is one of Herbs to Health’s KITCHEN PHARMACY favourites! It’s used any time of the year but particularly during the winter moths for it’s antimicrobial properties.

It’s so easy to make! Simply finely chop some fresh rhizomes and put in a kilner jar (at least half full), warm a jar of local runny honey (put the jar in a pan of hot water for 10 mins or so). Then pour the honey over the turmeric and fill. Give it a good stir. Label and shake every day or two for 4 weeks. Warm the jar in hot water to make it runnier, Strain, et voila! You can use the discarded Turmeric root for cooking with, or put a heaped dollop of the honey and turmeric root directly in a mug for a hot drink infusion.

If you can’t get the fresh rhizome the dried is good to0: you can use equal parts of honey and dried powder. Put the honey and powder into a bowl, mix thoroughly then put into the honey jar or a kilner. It keeps up to 2 years and the Dose is: 1tsp 3-4 times daily for adults and 1/2 tsp 3 times daily for kids.


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