For Detoxification & Infections

This formulation tastes wonderful! Again, like the succus it’s sweet and most palatable, good for those who aren’t keen on the taste of plant medicines and for children.

The first step of this preparation is to make a Cleavers Vinegar (see last post).
Once you have your strained vinegar, measure it out and add an equal part of runny honey. (I’d recommend a good one from a local bee keeper as honey also has health-giving properties in it’s own right such as boosting the immune system and is an antibiotic.)
It’s best to stand your jar of runny honey in a pan of very hot water so that the jar is just about covered for 5 minutes. This liquifies that little bit more making it much easier to blend with the vinegar. Add to your vinegar stirring well. Bottle and label. You can take this medicine straight from the spoon. It will keep for a couple of years.

Dose: 1 teaspoon, 2-3 x’s daily.

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