Consultations & Fees

What should I expect?

Your initial consultation will take up to 1.5 hours to help me gather as full a picture as I can of your current state of health..

During this time we discuss the presenting complaint in some detail. To help me get as full a picture as possible, I will also ask you about: your past medical history, any medication you are taking, the history of health in your family, your social history including any significant events or traumas you may have experienced, your diet and your lifestyle.

Together, we review your general health and, if necessary, I may conduct a physical examination. This is only done with the your permission. As a matter of course, I will check your blood pressure.

Follow-up appointments last about 45 minutes and are made initially after 2 weeks and thereafter at regular intervals, as needed.


  • Initial consultation of 1.5 hours = £40
  • Follow-up appointments, 45 mins = £30.00
  • Medicines at approximately £7.00 per week