Pilewort Pile ointment!


For the treatment of piles (haemorrhoids), varicose veins, bruises and swellings.










-roughly 1-2 handfuls of freshly dug pilewort roots (the roots aren’t big and so can be time consuming and fiddly to harvest and prepare. But don’t let that stop you!)

-200ml Extra virgin olive oil

-20g beeswax


Measure the olive oil and put into a bain- marie (water bath).

(you can make you’re own by simply sitting a pyrex bowl in a pan of warm water!)

Make sure the water in the pan comes up to the level of he oil in the bowl. You made need to top up the water occasionally as it vaporises.

Add the pilewort root and simmer for 2 hours on the lowest heat.

Strain off the oil and stir in the grated beeswax or beeswax peas, keeping the bowl in the warm water still.

When the wax has dissolved pour into 30g or 60g jars . At this stage( before the oil cools),  you can add a drop of Lavender essential oil to help preserve it. Allow to cool and put lids on, label.



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