What is Herbal Medicine?

Borage (Borago officinalis) self seeded at 22 Pougher Close  Sapcote SP 4898 9304 (taken 30.8.2006)Herbal medicine is an ancient medical system based on the use of plant extracts to bring about health. The remedies take many forms and can be taken both internally and externally. Some herbs have a more immediate effect, whereas others have a more long term, toning effect.

Often, a herbal prescription contains a balance of both types of herbs; to ensure relief of immediate symptoms and also to strengthen the body in a deeper and more sustained way. In this way true health is restored.

Herbal medicine aims to treat the person and not just the symptoms. When we look at the whole picture, we start to find the underlying reasons why a person’s health is out of balance.

Herbal medicine respects the autonomy and innate wisdom of the patient. It works on the principle that your body knows what it needs to get better. So the practitioner and patient work together to discuss treatment goals that both are happy with. In this way, the patient is actively involved in helping to restore his/her own health.

Who can benefit?

Patients of all ages, from infants to the very elderly can benefit from herbal medicine.

Those already receiving treatment from their doctor may also be helped. In which case, a practitioner will only prescribe herbs that do not adversely interact with other medication.

If appropriate, and with the patient’s consent, GP’s or consultants are kept fully informed of the herbal regime.

What can we treat?

Herbal medicine is appropriate for most of the conditions for which you would visit your GP.

These include: digestive and circulation problems, skin complaints, sleep, stress and emotional issues, hormonal imbalances, musculo-skeletal aches and pains, respiratory conditions, and many more.

The medicine

Herbal remedies can take many forms such as: tinctures, juices, teas, capsules, tablets, syrups, glycerites, and powders. Externally, creams, oils, ointments, and lotions are also prescribed. We choose the remedy that best suits the individual patient.